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Power of Prayer

Publish Date: Fri 23rd Aug 2019

Power of Prayer

Declan O’Farrell talks about the Rosary leaflet that is being shared in parishes around the UK.

“The marketing work group Catenian Association has prepared a special leaflet which is being given to Circles free of charge,” explained Declan O’Farrel, Director Province 8.

He added: “It’s part of an initiative which started in Province 8 and has been supported by Catenians from around the UK. The initial idea came from a membership work group meeting in province 8 on how we could interact with the RCIA groups and engage with the parish priests, to demonstrate how about ways in which Catenians could help strengthen our faith and assist their parish priests. We have already printed and distributed 10,000 leaflets but are expecting many more requests for the leaflet.”

Several parishes have already requested the leaflets and the impact is potentially very far reaching.

Catena was contacted by Major Ann O'Flynn who will use the leaflets in during a soldier’s’ retreat: “Thank you for providing this really useful resource, I am sure it will bring many people closer to God in prayer and that can only be a good thing.” Father David, from Portsmouth Diocese said: "This is a really useful project that will help people to pray the Rosary and encourage a more spiritual outlook." 

Declan added: "The Catenian Rosary Groups have for many years distributed Rosary beads and leaflets to schools and parishes, prisoners in the UK and to needy parishes in Africa and Australia and those in need. This is an excellent initiative will to build on that foundation support. The response to the Rosary leaflet has been very positive and is a great way to get the Catenian name out to different parishes. The Rosary is a simple way for people to reconnect to their faith and it helps to creates a space for quiet reflection in an increasingly busy world."

Members who wish to order free leaflets for their Circle or parish can order them through their provincial councillor or by email: