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Interview with Cardinal Vincent Nichols

Publish Date: Thu 11th Apr 2019


Catena talks with Cardinal Nichols at Flame 2019 about this important event

What do you think the importance of this event is for young people? What do you think it shows about Catholic youth?

This Flame event in the Wembley arena is a wonderful moment, because we see here nine or ten thousand people who are realising that their faith as Catholics is shared. They’re part of a big family. And secondly, they’re learning, because of what they’re hearing and seeing, that there’s something deeply personal, individual about their faith as well. So they get a sense, as Jean Varnier said, there’s a dream in their hearts, and the weaver of the dream is God. And the way to find and realise that dream is to live in God’s presence, and to walk with Jesus who wants to work with us. So there’s a deeply personal message here, but there’s also a sense that we don’t ever do this alone; we’re never, ever alone. There’s always a community, there’s always a bond between those who want to follow Jesus and those who want to make him the guide and inspiration in their lives. So I think today young people learn those two lessons.

Do you have a message for Catenians who have been reading and finding out about this event?

I would most warmly thank the Catenians for their support of this event, and I’d like to encourage them to know that with their experience and their commitment, they do play such an important part in strengthening both local Catholic communities and also bringing resources to events such as this. It’s lovely to meet you, a young Catenian and I hope there are many, many more in Catenian Circles around the country.

What is your highlight of the day?

I really was very touched listening to Jean Varnier and I thought the middle part of his testimony was really lovely.

Lovely to talk to you, thank you for your time.

Cardinal on stage at Flame


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